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The Eastern Languages and Civilizations Centre (ELCC) is a highly specialised language school, addressed to those wishing to learn languages of the East, as well as study the civilisation of eastern peoples.

The ELCC started out in 1985 by offering Turkish language courses; the aim was to bring together the people of Greece and Turkey, based on the belief that a language is the ideal means of bridging the gaps between different cultures. So, Greeks that attended and completed Turkish language courses in the ELCC were able to obtain not only a good knowledge of the language itself, but also a comprehensive understanding of the civilisation of their neighbouring country (old and modern language, history, society, economy, folklore and traditions, religion, way of life).
Moreover, the ELCC’s longstanding activities in this specific field, the fact that most of our teachers come from Turkey and have completed their studies there, as well as our long and solid relations with the biggest cultural institutions and universities of Turkey (in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir etc.) have built a solid basis between Greece and Turkey, allowing us to support student exchange between the two countries for years now.

ELCC students are comfortable travelling in Turkey for educational, professional as well as leisure purposes; Turkish students studying Modern Greek have been coming to Greece for postgraduate studies. In the course of some years, ELCC’s activities have expanded to include Arabic and Hebrew. As always, the ELCC has applied its usual well-organised and responsible work and was able to offer high quality courses in these languages, as well as in their respective cultures. As you will understand when browsing our site, other languages have been gradually added to the above, whereas the ELCC is open to the possibility of including even more.

update nov 24th, 2020