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In 1985, the Eastern Languages and Civilizations Centre started working on an ambitious programme concerning the compilation of a Greek-Turkish and a Turkish-Greek dictionary. As a result, the Greek-Turkish dictionary was published in 1994 (at first by Rodamos editions and afterwards by ELCC editions). Six years later, it was followed by the Turkish-Greek dictionary (also by ELCC editions).

Many book critics in both Greece and Turkey, as well as academics and lexicographers in other countries, have characterised the two volumes of our dictionary a “lexicographical exploit”, as it lacks nothing compared to other well-known and original dictionaries; this is due to the fact that our work was based on our own data bank, for which dozens of people worked tirelessly: Greek scholars and linguists, Greek academics specialised in Turkology and in Ottoman studies, Turkish linguists, Turkish academics specialised in Modern and Classical Greek, as well as professors from universities in Europe and in America).

An extended group of experts from various scientific areas have also cooperated in the compilation of our dictionary, providing us with necessary information on every field of human knowledge and activity (music, arts, literature, technology etc.) and having as a result two dictionaries with multiple, well-researched entries.
The Greek-Turkish dictionary includes 40,000 words and 7,000 idioms and proverbs, while the Turkish-Greek dictionary includes 37,000 words and 45,000 idioms and proverbs, making them a valuable and indispensable tool. Both dictionaries are structured in a way that allows the user to put words into context. This is the reason that all Turkish language and civilisation universities in Greece as well as Universities in Turkey offering Modern Greek Studies have included our dictionaries in their bibliography or distribute them to their students.

In the near future, ELCC publications plan to add to these dictionaries a textbook bearing the title “Turkish for Greeks” which will later on be followed by another, bearing the title “Greek for Turks”.


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